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Security Guarding Services

A security guard is a person who is employed or retained to protect, watch or guard any property by any means including:

  • by patrolling the property in person
  • by monitoring the property via closed circuit television (CCTV), a closed monitoring system, radio or other similar alarm device

Crownland Security operatives are highly trained and experienced across a range of industries.

Diligent reference checks and probity clearances and random drug testing are all standard practice.

Our carefully designed professional development training and workshops empower each one of our operatives who are measured against range of core competencies specific to our clients’needs.

Our recruitment process involves:
  • National police checks,
  • Working with children’s check
  • Literacy and numeracy testing
  • Our ‘law test’ which covers specifics laws and legislation relating to the security industry.

Security guards can be provided in corporate attire, ideal for concierge and corporate environments or in full professional uniform for an effective deterrent.

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