Residential High Rise and Apartment Security Melbourne

At Crownland Security, we understand how essential apartment security in Melbourne is.

We provide solutions for apartment and residential high rise security in Melbourne, whether it’s security guards, mobile patrols, or alarm monitoring. With our customer-centric approach, we actively listen to our clients and our number one priority is that they are safe and protected.

At Crownland Security, we develop and implement security solutions suitable to the environment, depending on the severity and level of threat.

We can hire the best hotel or residential high rise security guards in Melbourne, armed, or unarmed, to protect residents, guests, employees, and property by patrolling the grounds and monitoring security cameras and engaging with staff, guests, visitors, and residents. Our officers patrol allocated areas of hotel and property, monitored by a Patrol Management System while watching for suspicious, irregular, prohibited, or dangerous activities, situations, or persons. All guards we hire are qualified above the industry standard, and are highly skilled in clear and effective communication, with the ability to review and mitigate risk

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Residential High Rise Security

Residential high rise security in Melbourne requires highly trained and disciplined security professionals.

At Crownland Security, we offer the best residential high rise security solutions—we will survey the property and conduct a risk assessment and plan a residential high rise security plan. Melbourne residents can rely on us to utilise the latest in security interventions and protect the property from harm and crime.

Apartment Security

We offer exceptional solutions in apartment security for Melbourne residents. By using the latest in security strategy, planning, and technology, we will keep you and your apartment building safe, taking effective action to prevent crimes such as theft, vandalism, and break-ins.

Pair our apartment security with Melbourne Self Defence Classes for Women and CPR training Addressing DRSABCD. By learning to defend yourself and help others around you, you will not only be protected by professionals but take control of your community’s safety, and your own protection.

No job is too big, too small, or too difficult. To get started with our solutions in residential high rise and apartment security, Melbourne residents can contact us on 1300 276 965.

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