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Secure Logistics

Many Australian businesses trust us with their most precious valuables day in day out and there is NO safer place than the hands of our capable, armed and unarmed secure logistics operatives (cash in transit guard) who can perform overt or covert and in a range of environmental condition with ease.

Our secure and discreet (covert) collection, transportation and delivery of cash and other valuables service is rapidly expanding.

This highly intense task requires diligent security risk planning and the development of realistic operational plans A and B (Security Risk Assessment Document (SRAD)) prior to service delivery and only then our highly trained security operatives who specialists in transporting valuables in high risk environments, will be briefed and deployed.

No matter how simple or complex your requirements, we have the experience and manpower to ensure all your valuables and cash are secure.

Our unwavering attention to detail, diligent risk planning and meticulous execution of operational plans has seen Crownland Security’s secure logistics personnel undertake both traditional cash in transit (CIT) services and the secure movement of other valuables such as Jewellery, confidential documents and escort of persons carrying valuables.


Crownland Security is fully insured and compliant with all government, state and territories, legislations.

We adhere to all standards and requirements set out in the WorkSafe Victoria guide titled:

Cash-in-transit: A Guide To Managing Ohs In The Cash-in-transit Industry

Cash In Transit

We Work With All Major Banks And Shopping Complex

Your money is always protected and insured providing you with peace of mind.

Jewellery, Precious Stones

Our highly trained security operatives are committed to providing the highest quality professional service and ensure your valuable assets reach their destination without threat of loss or harm.

ATM Services

We provide armed escorts for ATM repair technicians.

The armed escorts provide a safe and secure working environment that allows the ATM repair technician to service the equipment and get the ATM machine back online.

Our Armed C.I.T Team

Our armed and unarmed cash in transit operatives are hand picked before undergoing strict training and development to ensure all logistics operations are met with the highest level of discipline and compliance.

CIT operatives can perform covert or overt and utilise a range of marked and unmarked modes of transport from motorbikes, cars and trucks.

Our vehicles have the correct parking permits that allow our operatives to park as close to your business as possible.

We supply all of our clients with tamper evident and serial numbered satchels and all cash and valuables in our possession are insured. All CIT operatives are tracked via GPS so we can account for your valuables at any given moment and this gives you peace of mind.

  • Annual Credit History Check (Security Operatives)
  • Annual Criminal History Check (Security Operatives)
  • Monthly Licence Checks Via Victoria Police Portal
  • Random Drug Testing (Security Operatives)
  • Annual Firearm & Cit Training
  • Marked & Unmarked Vehicles
  • Covert / Overt Cit Operators
  • Harcor Tamper Proof Bags & Security Seals Provided
  • GPS Tracking
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment & Planning
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