Crownland Security has a team of crowd controllers who specialise in crowd controlling in licensed venues. We consider this team ‘specialised’ as they have been working in licensed venues for most part of their security industry career.

The advantage of having this specialised team in your venue is, they understand that every venue is very unique in their own way, from style, policies and procedures and demographics. Therefore, they apply different skills, mentality and security interventions in ensuring the safety of customers and staff and the security of the premises.

Dealing with patrons who may be under the influence of drugs and alcohol requires, patience, respect, maturity and excellent communication (verbal judo) skills as well as high levels of emotional intelligence.

Our crowd controllers understand, “we need the customer, more than the customer needs us”. What this means is, crowd controllers are responsible for ensure customers enjoy their experience in the venue and have a memorable time, returning each week for the same experience. This way, crowd controllers succeed when the venue succeeds.

Crownland Security is responsible and accountable for ensuring the crowd controllers provided to a venue or event is the right fit in terms of their attitude, communication & negotiation skills and personal presentation, and that they meet the expectations of your clientele.

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