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Welcome Crownland Security
With over 25 years security industry experience, we are committed to providing

Customer-centric, tailored security solutions to meet a
diverse range of clients’ security needs.

We achieve this by utilising highly trained and experienced security professionals who have years of experience across a range of industries.

Our security solutions use the latest in physical protection system innovation, strategy, technology and leading physical protection system principals (PPS).

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Our Vision
At Crownland Security, we are dedicated to understanding our clients’ unique needs and ensure total client satisfaction by:
  • working-in-synergy-with-clients
    ~ Working in synergy with clients.

    Staff at Crownland Security find that cooperation is the best way to achieve best practice and use methods to achieve best possible outcomes.

  • shield
    ~ By employing, training and developing our professional security operatives to meet the needs and wishes of our clients.

    Our professional security personnel help our clients to reduce risks and mitigate losses in any environment by carrying out the requirements of their post orders with diligence and optimum performance, consistently.

  • our-security-risk-assessments
    ~ Our security risk assessments and risk minimisation strategies

    For our clients are invaluable in determining accurate, cost effective and practical security solutions.

  • we-are-committed-to-providing
    ~ We are committed to providing a collaborative work environment

    For our staff that recognises performance and encourages individual growth and career development.

  • we-place-a-strong-emphasis
    ~ We place a strong emphasis on professional development, education, and training

    For many years we’ve witnessed the benefits of our Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) that has empowered our workforce to deliver quality security services resulting in a 87% customer retention rate followed by a 92% employee retention rate.

Our Services
Crownland Security Solutions

We offer an extensive range of solutions to meet a divers range clients’ unique security & safety needs.


Security Services And Solutions In Melbourne

Since 2009, Crownland Security has been providing tailored security in Melbourne. We offer custom security solutions and recommendations for businesses, homes, industrial properties, licensed venues, and more across Melbourne.

At Crownland Security, we value education. We feel it is essential to educate our clients and empower them to make the best decisions for their security needs. Our priority is keeping our clients safe and protected, and we do this through risk management and prevention solutions.

Contact us for innovative solutions and security services in Melbourne.


We take the time to understand our clients needs and the environment—from risk assessment, threat assessment, to recommending security guards, we can give you an honest recommendation on how to keep you, your home, your business, or venue safe.

By offering an extensive range of security solutions to meet our diverse range of client’s unique security & safety needs, we provide a holistic approach to protecting assets, people, and property. Contact us today for safe and effective security services in Melbourne.

Highly Trained And Experienced Security Company In Melbourne

We use tailored our security solutions to fit our client’s unique security needs. With a holistic approach to security solutions, we design security solutions according to the environment and our client’s needs, from the level of threat to hiring uniquely trained security guards who are fit to deal with specific situation.

Qualified beyond the industry’s minimum entry level standards, Crownland Security handpicked security officers for their extensive experience, unique qualities, and customer-centric approach. At Crownland Security, we hire armed and unarmed personnel who are licensed by Victoria Police (Licensing & Regulations Division) to carry a firearm, baton, and handcuffs. All our armed security guards are required to maintain their membership with an IPSC Shooting Club to ensure ongoing training, adequate practice, continuous improvement, and firearm safety.

For a security company in Melbourne that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a customer-centric and technologically advanced, innovative, and holistic approach, look no further than Crownland Security. Get in contact with us for smart solutions in security. Melbourne residents can call on 1300 276 965.

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