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Mobile Patrols Melbourne

At Crownland Security, our approach to mobile patrols for Melbourne residents is built upon our tailored, customer-centric model.

Our mobile patrols in Melbourne are prepared to deal with even the most difficult and hostile of situation. Equipped with necessary and advanced tools and technologies, at Crownland Security, we ensure optimum performance at all times.

All mobile patrols we hire are highly trained, experienced, and exceptionally skilled in patrol and alarm response across Melbourne. Qualified and licensed by Victoria Police, we hire mobile patrols in Melbourne that not only are qualified but are exceptionally good communicators and negotiators, with excellent conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

Speed, surprise, and action of the patrol officer is key to achieving the best outcomes. For mobile patrols in Melbourne that are observant, methodological, and are skilled in risk mitigation, contact Crownland Security. We have one patrol unit overlooking our entire mobile patrol operations each and every night.

Mobile Patrol Reporting

Crownland Security’s primary focus is patrolling and inspecting our client’s site as per their needs, but our secondary role is to provide emergency response & alarm response when it’s required.

In addition, our operators can monitor CCTV cameras from client’s property as to virtually patrol the site. function for virtual patrolling of the site. Some duties of mobile patrols in Melbourne include, but are not limited to:

  • Full internal inspections of building
  • Full external inspections including perimeter & all access point into the building
  • Staff welfare checks & staff escorts
  • Opening and closing your property or facility
  • Machinery inspections e.g., Generator, Back Up Power
  • Where possible remove graffiti depending on size of the graffiti and available water supply
  • Installation of highly visible warning signage placed around site for deterrence
  • Detailed reporting of all activities conducted during each patrol

Get in touch with us for innovative, tailored security solutions for your business and high end mobile patrols in Melbourne by calling 1300 276 965.

Our Mobile Patrol Officers

All our mobile patrol officers are highly trained, experienced and exceptionally skilled to perform patrol & alarm response duties as per your instructions.

They’re qualified and licensed by Victoria Police – Licensing & Regulations Division to carry a firearm, baton and handcuffs.

All our armed security guards are required to maintain membership with an IPSC Shooting Club to ensure adequate practice, continuous improvement and firearm safety.

They’re extremely well communicators and negotiators with excellent English, conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

Since many of our clients are property developers and builders, all our security operatives have a valid white card and Level 2 First Aid.

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We offer an extensive range of solutions to meet a divers range clients’ unique security & safety needs.

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