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Alarm Response Melbourne

For the most effective and tailored security solutions to protect your property, contact Crownland Security.

Setting up a security alarm system is no longer tedious and time consuming with Crownland Security. Our nationwide Security Monitoring Centre (SMC) monitors all alarms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to have your alarm responded to you will need Back to Base Monitoring of your alarm system. We can facilitate the connection to between SMC (Security Monitoring Centre) and your alarm system.

Working with you, we will develop instruction for the control room and our Mobile Patrol Units. Once this connection is successful and in the event of an alarm, our Alarm Response Units will be able to respond to your alarm as per your instruction.

All alarm activations are diligently analysed by the Security Monitoring Centre (SMC) operator and the closest available Mobile Patrol Unit (MPU) is dispatched to the alarm. During the dispatch, the control room operator provides critical information to the MPU. In some cases, this can be CCTV footage, the type of alarm and the zones in alarm.

Our alarm response in Melbourne covers all areas within a 30km radius from the CBD. To learn how Crownland Security can help with your business, call us on 1300 276 965.

Emergency Response Melbourne

Crownland Security hire a highly trained team to respond to your alarm, assess the risk of the response and dispatch one of our closest and available mobile patrol guards to investigate the alarm response. Melbourne residents can count on the mobile patrols arrive promptly, prepared for the job.

We employ mobile patrol officers who are trained to perform under pressure for emergency response in Melbourne and can arrange a guard to watch over your business or property in addition to monitoring your alarm. We can also arrange boarding, fencing, hoarding, and minor repairs to secure your property and deter protentional crimes from occurring. Contact Crownland Security for holistic and innovative security solutions and emergency response in Melbourne.

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We offer an extensive range of solutions to meet a divers range clients’ unique security & safety needs.

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