Retail Loss Prevention Melbourne

All retail business should prioritise retail loss prevention in Melbourne. You may think your business is secure, but every business is vulnerable to potential threat, depending on several variables: the area and demographic of your store, store layout, staff, and the inventory, cash, or merchandise on site.

At Crownland Security, we specialise retail loss prevention in Melbourne. We provide tailored security and protective solutions for the retail sector. Our retail loss prevention security division has extensive experience and training under their belts.

We deliver everything from uniform and covert retail loss prevention officers, customer service officers, static guards, door greeters, brand protection and control room operations, including CCTV monitoring and comprehensive reporting.

Whether your retail security objective is prevention or apprehension, Crownland Security provide objectives specifically trained in retail loss prevention in Melbourne.

At Crownland Security, we can provide uniformed Loss Prevention Officers (LPO’s). These guards are an excellent way to deter opportunistic theft and enforce socially acceptable behaviour and protect staff. We also hire covert loss prevention officers, who are tasked with moving around the store undetected, while observing abnormal shopping behaviour, surveillance. When necessary, our cover loss prevention officers will follow strict policy and procedures for an arrest, gather evidence, and prepare reports and statements for police and prosecution.


Retail Loss Prevention Services

Across Melbourne, countless fraud and theft incidents occur. At Crownland Security, we offer the best solutions for retail loss prevention in Melbourne, implementing complete access control to keep your retail business protected from theft. With our innovative, high quality security solutions, we will combat retail loss and keep your business protected.

Contact us to for our security solutions in retail loss prevention. Melbourne business owners can call on 1300 276 965.

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