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Armed Security Services Melbourne

At Crownland Security, we value innovation, efficiency, and education above all else. We aim to educate our clients on the best security solutions for them, the environment, and situation at hand, whether it be risk assessment, covert operatives, or armed security services in Melbourne.

We work with our clients to develop a security plan that ensures safety and order is maintained in and around your premises at all times. Contact us for safe and effective solutions in armed security services in Melbourne, including:

Armed Guards Melbourne

Armed guards offer a higher sense of security. With their vigilant surveillance and quick response to crime, armed guards are the first line of defence.

At Crownland Security, we employ highly trained and experienced armed guards in Melbourne who are licensed by Victoria Police (Licensing & Regulations Division) to carry a firearm, baton, and handcuffs. All our armed guards in Melbourne are required to maintain their membership with an IPSC Shooting Club to ensure adequate practice, continuous improvement, and firearm safety. We place a strong emphasis on ongoing education and training, ensuring our armed guards in Melbourne are up to date with safety standards and comply with current protocols.

Call Crownland Security on 1300 276 965 for our high-end armed security services in Melbourne.

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We offer an extensive range of solutions to meet a divers range clients’ unique security & safety needs.

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