It takes a special kind of person to provide security services in hospital or health care setting.

From a security and public safety perspective, hospitals are inherently a complex and sensitive environment with an unpredictable nature.

Hospitals should not tolerate physical or verbal aggression or abuse towards staff, patients, family members or visitors.

Our hospital security guards are trained and experienced in dealing with people with multifaceted physical, mental and emotional health issues and apply empathy, respect and excellent communication and conflict resolution skills to every situation.

Years of security industry experience and advanced training empowers our hospital security team to work collaboratively as part of a team and independently and are reliable with excellent work ethics.

To ensure optimum safety and security, our hospital security team use a range of security measures, including the use of CCTV cameras, duress alarms for staff members and electronic access control systems and provide investigations and foot patrols and effective emergency responses to codes such as code red, black or grey and more..

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