Campus security officers are highly trained and experienced in working with students and campus staff and dealing with the complexities common in Universities and TAFE’s.

Our campus security officers provide foot patrols of the campus and are provided with bicycles and motor vehicles to enable effective alternative methods of patrol to cover a large area. They’re highly trained to deal with a range of emergencies and security escorts.

All campus security officers are licenced as Control Room & Monitoring Centre Operators as well as holding a Cash in Transit and Armed Guard License. This is very important in the provision of security services in a University or TAFE.

Cash in Transit & Armed Guard licensed security guards receive additional training that significantly empowers security officers with skills and knowledge that directly benefit safety and security outcomes.

Advanced training in:
  • Managing conflict through negotiation
  • Determining best response to security risk situation
  • Preparing and present security documentation and reports
  • Advanced communication and defensive tactics
  • Providing for the safety of persons at risk
  • Advanced level of security escort
  • Implement security procedures to protect critical infrastructure and public assets

Our campus security guards are trained to deal with domestic disturbances and vulnerable students taking into consideration Culturally and linguistically Diverse (CALD) students.

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