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Crime prevention on construction sites should be a major concern of all contractors. In some cases, the difference between making a profit and sustaining a loss on a job will relate to the contractor’s ability to control theft and vandalism on the site. While each site will present unique situations, the information provided can assist in identifying major sources of crime losses and implementing the measures for controlling these losses.

How Can Crownland Security Help In Protecting Your Constructions Site | Property?

We can assist to ‘harden’ (*target hardening) your perimeter by making adjustments and modifications to your fence line Install cut resistant and tamper proof locks, chains and key safes.
Provide impactful Security Warning signs


On your behalf work with neighbours and local police to detect, identify and report suspicious persons and activities. Implement an electronic motion detection / intruder detection alarm system backed by 24 hour alarm monitoring centre Implement strategies to ensure early detection of unauthorised / suspect persons and activate alarm response


Work with you to develop plans and processes and optimal layers of delay mechanisms to ensure alarm response, mobile patrol guard reached the site while the crime is in progress.


Mobile patrol units and alarm response guards working within an area that allows for timely response, thus increasing the chances of an apprehension.


Our mobile patrol & alarm response guards are highly trained and experienced in dealing with high risk security situations and maintain an 87% successful arrest rate and work well with Victoria Police members in relations to dealing with squatters, trespass, suspicious / criminal activities.

* Target hardening is a process where security strategies are implemented on a building or property making it more difficult to break into or less attractive target.

Poor Security

These images demonstrate the consequence of poor security leading to squatters occupying vacant property and criminals damaging property while steeling i.e. copper theft, theft of white goods and other construction materials and tools.

Construction Security (General)
  • Establish a written Security Policy.
  • Develop a job-site Security Plan.
  • Assign supervisory security responsibilities.
  • Encourage security awareness among all contractors.
  • Establish contact with adjoining properties—encourage them to report suspicious activities on the site.
  • Require prompt reporting by workers of incidents of theft and vandalism.
  • Report all losses to the police immediately.
  • Maintain complete records of all security incidents.
Construction Security (On-site)
  • When possible, enclose the job site with hoarding or temporary fencing.
  • Post Security Warning signs on the fence line to warn trespasses
  • Use only high-quality chains and locks preferably cut resistant chain and lock
  • Cut resistant / tamper proof key safe is recommended with an additional layer of security
  • Provide for night time lighting of the site. Ideally solar powered sensor lighting.
  • Maintain a clear zone adjacent to fencing. This is the zone for CCTV to function optimally.
  • Check-out the site at the end of each day before securing it.
  • Provide parking areas outside of the site for contractors and visitors.
  • Consider the use of mobile patrol services and arrange for mobile patrol guards to inspect the property during the night.
Construction Materials, Tools & Equipment
  • Consider utilizing a secured area within the site for equipment storage.
  • Maintain an inventory control system for all equipment, tools, and materials. Include photographs of equipment and expensive tools.
  • Establish a program for verifying all deliveries.
  • Keep tools securely locked in storage container or area of equal strength.
  • Stamp all heavy equipment and attachments with an ID number. Provide warning signs on equipment indicating that ID Numbers are recorded.
  • Establish a supervisory key-control program for motorized equipment.
  • Lock all equipment cabs during non-working hours.
  • Immobilise equipment by disabling it or using anti-theft/anti-vandalism devices.
  • Schedule material deliveries to coincide with installation especially high-value materials.
  • Provide a secure storage area for target building materials.
  • Keep the on-site inventory of materials to a minimum.
  • Store equipment, materials, and tools away from perimeter fencing.
  • Remove equipment and materials from the site when no longer needed—do not use the site for storage.
Crownland Security: Building Security | Property Security | Constructions Site Security

These images are proof of the outstanding security services delivered to our clients construction industry, property development and facility management. It demonstrates the effectiveness of the security services and strategies for managing squatters and deterring or apprehension of criminals.

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