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Valuables & Cash in Transit
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Distribution of confidential documents such as VCE exam papers, contracts, money, jewellery and other valuables is our area of expertise.

CROWNLAND SECURITY offers a total cash and asset management solution that protects our clients’ valuables and maximises the safety of their staff and customers while maintaining a flexible service delivery; enabling us to match our service to our clients’ unique needs.

This service is usually covert to reduce attention and keep the movement of assets & valuables discrete. These are protected by variations in travel routes and times.

By undertaking a diligent risk audit and assessment we can develop an understanding of our clients’ specific requirements and document the ‘3 P’s’; Procedure, Protocol, People.

With every CIT our focus is the following two areas:

  • Safety and Discretion: Collection, Transportation and Safe Delivery of Cash & Valuables
  • Accuracy and Detail: Reconciliation, Reporting & Remittance

Effective procedures and protocols developed in conjunction with our clients are designed to exceed industry standards while ensuring:

  • prompt pick-up and delivery anywhere in our operating area
  • seamless and efficient remittance,
  • accurate documentation
  • effective reporting
  • complete transparency
  • full confidence in our cash & asset management service

Some benefits of our Cash in Transit service are:-

  • Money and assets are insured  to $20m
  • Your staff are removed from the threat of being robbed
  • Assets are protected by variations in travel routes, pick up and delivery times, covert or uniformed operation
  • Assets are protected by trained professionals

This service is ideal for local government, private businesses and high net worth individuals and can be combined with our VIP Chauffeur service at no additional cost.

We undergo extensive screening and background checks on all of our Cash in Transit officers and offer regularly consistent firearms training.