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Realistic Self Defence Training
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Defensive Training, Restraint Techniques Approved by Victoria Police
Grappling, Martial Arts (Shotokan Karate), Confidence, Strength, Endurance
Crownland Security in conjunction with professional martial artists provide a tailored defensive combat system designed to neutralise any aggressive and skillful offenders.

This training program is specifically designed for security personnel and simulates real life scenarios that security personnel often find themselves in.

Security personnel are trained to respond without hesitation, ONLY in unavoidable high risk situations, using reasonable and necessary force with prudence and caution.

This training program covers the second stage of the force continuum however focuses primarily on the third stage of the force continuum.

The Force Continum
  1. Presence (using the effect of the presence of an authority figure on a subject)

  2. Verbalization (commanding a subject) CPPSEC3002A Manage Conflict Through Negotiation

  • Empty hand control (using empty hands to search, relieve weapons, immobilize, or otherwise control a subject)
    Blanket Hold, Escort Hold, Arm Bar Hold, Goose Neck, Knee Strike
CPPSEC3013A- Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques

  1. Intermediate weapons (using non-lethal chemical, electronic or impact weapons on a subject)

  2. Deadly Force (using any force likely to cause permanent injury or death to a subject)

The Force Continum is extensively covered in the 2 modules, outlined below which are from the Certificate 2 in Security Operations (Unarmed Guard & Crowd Control)
  • CPPSEC3013A Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques
  • CPPSEC3002A Manage Conflict Through Negotiation