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Recruitment Process
We are always looking for highly skilled security professionals with minimum 5 years industry experience accross a range of industries and with excellent writing, reading and analytical skills.

We aspire to recruit and retain security personnel who exhibit a professional, friendly and down to earth style of engaging with others. We see this as important element to your success in working with our clients,  your colleagues and critical to the preservation of our happy workplace.

You’ll also need intelligence to tackle the most interesting of security interventions, energy to absorb new techniques and approaches to the most difficult and awkward situations, and a willingness to work productively with lots of different people, groups and in a vast range of environments.

We don’t expect that you’ll be an expert straight away, which is why our interviews will have a strong emphasis on your potential to handle different situations, based on your skills and experience gained through your training, work history and life experience.

Applying for Casual Postion - Major Events
All security personnel commence working for Crownland Security as casual security guards unless the application is for an advertised vacant position or we feel that a casual employee has demonstraited competenceto be offered a part time or full time role

Once your application has been accepted you will be contacted to arrange an interview.

Our interviews are relaxed and conversational in style, and an opportunity for you to tell us more about the things you have listed in your CV, and more about your interests and aspirations in the in the security industry and in life generally.

The interview is also a perfect time for you to test us. We’ll answer any questions you might have about the company, and about what it’s really like to work with us.

Before your interview we’ll make sure you know who you’ll meet, so you’ll have time to prepare for the discussion.

On completion of the interview stage, we invite all applicants who have taken the time to meet with us to come back again to share a cocktail or two, and meet a larger group of our security personnel. You can test your questions on them too!

Applying for an advertised position:

How to Apply
Reading the position description (available for most sites and venues) is the best way to assess your own suitability and optimise your application.

The position description will indicate the skills, experience and attributes relevant to the role. Though we'll assess you against these criterias, you should still apply even if you don't meet them all, because we'll consider everything you have to offer and compare you with other applicants on the basis of your overall profile.

Application Details
The particular requirements for our job applications will be indicated in the job advertisement. Some jobs require a typed application letter and resume whereas some will require you to complete an application form which will give us all the necessary details to assess your background and suitability for the position.

Where an application letter and resume are indicated as requirements, it is helpful to show how you meet the criteria for the job. This could be encompassed in the detail of your covering letter.

In your resume, include the name, title, organisation and contact number of two referees from the security industry who can describe your work performance. Ideally, one should be your most recent supervisor.

We'll ask your referees to describe your performance against the requirements of the job. If you don't want us to call your referees prior to your interview, show on your resume that you'll provide their contact details at your interview.

Please make your enquiries and application according to the instruction for the specific job.

We usually shortlist within two weeks of closing our advertising for a position. If you're shortlisted, we'll call you to arrange an interview and tell you who's on the selection panel as well as any other requirements such as testing or paperwork you need to bring.

The selection panel usually includes the position's manager/supervisor, and another person who's involved with the job. There may also be a third person on the panel who is from another related area, to provide a balanced input about the requirements of the position. The interview process is designed to allow you to talk to us about your work history, how your experience and background meets the needs of the job, your interest in the particular role and in working at Crownland Security. The interview is also an opportunity for you to find out more about the particulars of the job, the people you would be working with and the environment you would be working in.

Other Requirements
All job offers are subject to referee checks. Most positions (other than casual appointments) also have a 3 month probation period. Some jobs also will be subject to certain screening checks such as a health ccheck, current driver's licence, or numeracy and literacy testing.

A proof of your qulaification is also mandatory.

We'll tell you at your interview what specific items are required for your job.

Notification Letters & Feedback
We'll acknowledge your application as soon as it is received. If you are not shortlisted, you will be advised in writing after we've made a decision and the successful applicant has accepted our offer. This may take up to four weeks after the advertising for the position has closed.