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Mobile Patrol Service
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Our highly trained and experienced mobile patrol officers will inspect building & fence perimeters, office areas, common areas, and doors and windows of your premises during the twilight hours when they are most vulnerable.

There are many layers of physical protection systems available in todays market however, Mobile Patrol Services are proven to be a cost-effective alternative to the traditional static security guard service.

Our professional, highly visible, uniformed mobile patrol officers and clearly marked security vehicles are a prominent presence by at your premises and an effective deterrent to potential criminals and vandals at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated, on-site security officer.

After a detailed risk analysis of your premises we will work with you to agree on the required frequency of inspections, develop site specific instructions and offer a cost effective way to protect your premises, while sharing the costs with neighbouring businesses that utilise the same service.

The required number of checks can be arranged at agreed times or, so that the pattern of patrols
remains unpredictable for any unwanted visitors at random time to ensure maximum protection of
your premises. The patrol officer will identify any suspicious activity and make contact with any individuals who do not belong on your property.  

Electronic monitoring device will keep tabs on our mobile patrol officers' movements through the course of their shift. Through simple but effective technology, all that the mobile patrol officer needs to do is touch a small metal button with the tip of the probe, listen for the beep or look for the flash upon contact, and move onto the next check point! The date and time is recorded and at the end of each month reported to our clients.