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Loss Prevention
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According to the Australian Retailers Association, retail theft forms part of the largest crime category in Australia, costing businesses more than $4 billion each year and international studies concluded that about one-third of all employees steal from their employers putting employee theft at the top of the "Crimes Against Business" list.

Retail loss prevention involves many activities, functions and programs designed to reduce a retailer’s loss due to theft, control deficiencies and operating inefficiencies. Crownland Security assists in the control and minimisation of loss (shrinkage); ensuring seamless continuity of business.

We can make appropriate recommendations in the following areas:
  • Retail Loss Prevention Officers (security personnel specifically trained for the retail sector)

  • Vigilance

  • Development and positioning of effective warning signs and notices

  • Advise on optimum store layout

  • Presentation of goods; racks, shelves and other displays- preventing shoplifting through minimising opportunity

  • Reducing cluttered and strategies to ensure tidiness

  • Orderly displays that make it clearer when merchandise has been removed

  • Arranging store items at suitable height to ensure optimum view for sales assistants

  • Minimising barriers, behind which customers can hide.

  • Making exits clearly visible to staff

  • Arranging more expensive or desirable merchandise strategically as far away from exits as possible, but enough to attract the attention of customers

  • Identify easily concealable merchandise and recommend best display options and an extensive range of locked cabinets.

  • Theft detection systems, electronic and ink tags to suit a specific budget

  • And more...

There is no doubt Shoplifting is a major contributor to shrinkage and a successful retailer should take reasonable steps to protect merchandise from theft to remain profitable and therefore successful. Effective retail loss prevention strategies and security personnel means, retailers will be able to deliver product to their customers at the lowest possible price and maintain their competitiveness in the market place.

We can help to implement a program that will; effectively and efficiently reduce the occurrence of shoplifting without creating unnecessary liability or disruption to your business.

Our clients tell us that they are relieved at not having to train and supervise staff new staff in the area of loss prevention, giving them more time, resources and energy to channel their effort to better sales and customer service. Furthermore, they also benefit from having a recognised industry expert to deliver a level of unsurpassed service and competence in this specialised field.  

Outsourcing loss prevention to Crownland Security is just good business and means the management of this important function is left to true loss prevention professionals.

How you benefit?

  • Reducing your cost,
  • Rutting external shrinkage,
  • Accelerating the return on investment (ROI),
  • Reduces general liability claims and insurance premiums
  • Allows you to focus on the strategies most beneficial to your organisation.
Covert or uniformed loss prevention officers for clothing retailers, electronics stores, supermarkets, convenient stores and outdoor markets.
We can provide for all your security needs after a detailed assessment of your current security setting. Call us today on 03 9306 4552 We can provide for all your security needs after a detailed assessment of your current security setting. Call us today on 03 9306 4552