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House Sitting
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With how tight the economy is right now, hiring a security guard for your home may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, many people each year choose to put the protection of their home in the hands of a professional security guard.

Why place a regular house sitter in your home when you can leave your home in the care of a professional security officer who is an experienced House Sitter.

Our house sitting security officers are professionals, reliable, responsible and can provided wither covert or uniformed when at your residence. Working with you, we will devise a detailed checklist (job scope) for our security personnel to carry out whilst on duty.

Collaboratively, we will put together a cost effective package that include any of the following and more:

  • Maintain your property as you left it
  • Bills that need to be paid will be paid to keep services connected
  • Plants, gardens, lawns and trees will be watered and maintained
  • Mail and phone messages will be forwarded, at your direction
  • Clean; dust, vacuum, mop, iron, wash etc

Your pets will continue to receive the love, care and companionship that you showed them, and we mean all of them, dogs, cats, hamsters, horses and fish.

Our house sitting security officers will give your property its usual occupied appearance to deter burglars, squatters and vandals by checking doors, windows and walk the grounds deterring burglars who may be lurking and take the appropriate action to keep your home and valuables safe.

Our house sitting security officers will also perform any number of light duties to maintain your property.

Crownland Security monitors all house sitting security officers with:

  • Random physical site inspections; to ensure contractual agreements are met and officers are alert and responsive. All house sitting security officers are telephoned required to conduct welfare checks ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Random welfare calls to the home telephone; ensuring officers are on the premises, alert and responsiveness

Our house sitting security officers will care for your home as per your specific instructions.

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