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Guarding Service
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The primary role of a static security guard is to protect people, property and information against theft, damage, sabotage and any other malicious acts by deterring adversaries. If the adversary is capable and determined to cause harm, our professional security personnel are experienced in security strategies that will delay adversaries with the objective of evidence gathering, successful apprehension prosecution while minimising risk.

Crownland Security has over a decade’s experience in the design, evaluation and implementation of physical protection systems for Australian businesses, government and the general public. Specialising in security training (Technical Advanced Training) and security personnel, we empower our security personnel by providing additional training tailored to our clients’ business needs.

This allows for seamless and effective business integration while enabling our security professionals to deliver a superior level of service that assists our clients’ in achieving their business goals.

More than just visual recognition that demands respect, Crownland Security uniforms communicate trust, strength and assertiveness. Based on "The Social Power of a Uniform," by Leonard Bickman, we undertook an experiment designed to test the effectiveness of our uniforms.

Pedestrians were approached at random by our research assistants dressed in various uniforms such as courier and taxi driver, business suit and civilian clothing and our security uniform and ordered to step back from a bus stop or other tasks. The security uniformed assistant resulted in a high rate of cooperation from the public. Obedience to our security uniform surprisingly continued even after our assistant walked away and did not watch to ensure compliance.

Over the years, experience has proven that our Security Guards Uniform is extremely effective in initially establishing authority and encouraging compliance and submission to our security personnel.