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Crowd Managment (Crowd Control)
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Our crowd control personnel have extensive experience in private parties, gaming venues, sporting and music events and can be deployed on an adhoc basis most of the time. We can provide additional support to existing crowd control teams within your venue or with our extensive range in security solutions, manage your entire security needs.

Distinctly uniformed crowd controllers monitor crowd behaviour, check identification, monitor patron entry and exit points for alerts such as intoxication, aggressive behaviour, misconduct and other non acceptable behaviours.

The term "Bouncer" implies negative attitudes of the past and is not tolerated within our company.

Using verbal judo (effective verbal communication) techniques our security personnel are trained to defuse and de-escalate a situation that may otherwise become a physical event. However, should a situation arise, our staff are trained in using real life, "open handed", defensive techniques to protect themselves, restrain and evict patrons safely and with minimal disruption to business.

Our crowd controller's are handpicked for their language and communication skills. We aim to employ only multi- skilled (Construction workers, Engineer, Ex-Military, Ex-Police Ex-Navy, Mechanic etc) security personnel with the discipline, education and skills to deliver the services that meet our strict key performance indicators (KPI).

We also offer bi-lingual security personnel whose primary language is English.

Bilingual security personnel at cultural and community events are often used in a "Public Relations" capacity as they can be the first point of contact for the public.

We train our security personnel to:

•        meet the needs of the real customer

•        respond to real life situations

•        assist real life customer concerns and

•        facilitate real life security strategies

Some of the areas covered by our security training include:

•        On the job "verbal judo"

•        Customer service training tailored to security role an industry

•        Control access to and exit from premises

•        Monitor and control individuals and crowd behaviour

•        Operate basic security equipment

•        Diligently patrol premises and interact with patrons ensuring visibility

•        Determine appropriate response to security risk situation

•        Manage conflict through strong  and fair negotiation

•        Maintain the security of environment, patrons, staff and colleagues

•        Control persons using empty hand techniques

•        Communicate effectively in the security industry

•        Prepare and present security documentation and reports

•        Follow workplace safety procedures and maintain workplace safety and environment

•        Work effectively in the security industry

•        Manage own performance and development

•        Organise personal work priorities and development

•        Work as part of a security team

•        Support leadership in the workplace and contribute to effective workplace relationships

•        Provide quality security services to customer


Birthday Parties, Engagements, Weddings, Events, End of Year Break-Up, Deb Balls, Licensed Venues : Bars, Night Clubs, Gaming Venues and Taverns..

Through our training division all our security personnel receive annual training in first aid, conflic resolution through negotiation, providing customer service.

Repetitive training is the only way to ensure our security personnel can respond to any emergency as though it is second nature.